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Itsvaping proudly stock Vandy Vape products. Vandy Vape are committed to creating electronic vaporizers of superior performance, flavor, and quality - while maintaining affordability. Vandy Vape remains true to its principles of exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.


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Vandy Vape | VVC Replacement Coils
Vandy Vape | Jackaroo Pod Kit
Vandy Vape | Gaur-18 Dual 18650 Mod
Vandy Vape | Jackaroo Replacement Pod
Vandy Vape | Jackaroo Drip Tip
Vandy Vape | Gaur-21 200W Box Mod
Vandy Vape | Swell Replacement Mesh Coils
Vandy Vape | Phobia RDA
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Vandy Vape | Jackaroo Mini 128W Kit
Vandy VapeVandy Vape | Jackaroo Mini 128W Kit
Sale price$84.95 Regular price$94.95
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Vandy Vape | Mesh RDA 24mm
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Vandy Vape | KA1 Mesh Wire Spool
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Vandy Vape | Pulse BF 80W Box Mod
Vandy VapeVandy Vape | Pulse BF 80W Box Mod
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Vandy Vape | Jackaroo 100W Mod
Vandy Vape & Tony B | Pulse BF RDA
Vandy Vape | Nipper Tool
Save $6.55
Vandy Vape | Kensei 24 RTA
Vandy VapeVandy Vape | Kensei 24 RTA
Sale price$35.95 Regular price$42.50
Vandy Vape | Folding Scissors
Vandy Vape | Essential Tool Kit
Vandy Vape | Kanthal A1 DIY Wire Spool
Vandy Vape | Fused Clapton Wire Spool
Save $10.00
Vandy Vape | Swell Kit
Vandy VapeVandy Vape | Swell Kit
Sale price$99.95 Regular price$109.95

Are you searching for a cutting-edge new vape brand that maximises your vaping experience? Look no further than Vandy Vape. 

Vandy Vape is one of the most popular vaping brands on the market today. Known for its high-quality products and innovative designs, Vandy Vape has become a go-to for vapers around the world. Whether you're looking for a new box mod or RDA, Vandy Vape has a product to suit your needs. And with their cutting-edge technologies, like the proprietary Mesh RDA, they're always ahead of the curve. If you're looking for a brand that offers quality vaping products and cutting-edge designs, then Vandy Vape is the way to go.

Reluctant to take the plunge and invest in a new vape product? Check out our answers to some of your most frequently asked questions so you can make an informed purchase decision.

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How Do I Refill my Vandy Vape?

To refill your Vandy Vape, start by unscrewing the cap and removing the drip tip. Next, use a needle-nose bottle to fill the tank with e-juice, being careful not to get any liquid in the centre airflow tube. Once the tank is full, reassemble the atomizer and screw it onto your device. Finally, press the fire button five times to turn on the device, then hold it down while you inhale from the mouthpiece. If your Vandy Vape is producing insufficient vapour despite following these instructions, there may be an issue with your coil. In that case, Vandy Vape Jackaroo Replacement WC Coils are sure to pair well with any Vandy Vape. 

How Do You Use a Vandy Vape?

First, remove the tank from the mod and unscrew the base. Next, take the coil head and insert it into the 510 connector at the base. Once the coil is in place, screw the base back onto the tank. Finally, fill the tank with e-liquid by unscrewing the top cap and dripping e-liquid into each of the two fill ports. Make sure not to overfill the tank, as this can damage the coil or cause leaking. Replace the top cap and screw it on tightly before attaching the tank to the mod. 

Once everything is assembled, press the fire button five times to turn on the device. To vape, simply hold down the fire button while inhaling through the mouthpiece. If you’re on the hunt for an easy-to-use Vandy Vape, try the Vandy Vape Gaur-18 Box Mod.  

How Do I Reset my Vandy Pulse?

To reset your Vandy Vape Pulse, you will need to remove the battery and press the reset button. The button is located at the bottom of the device, just below the charging port. Once you have found the reset button, use a paperclip or other sharp object to press and hold the button for three seconds. After three seconds have passed, release the button and replace the battery. Your Vandy Vape Pulse should now be reset and ready to use.

Ready to take your vaping experience up a notch with Vandy Vape? Check out our vast range of Vandy Vape products today for a vaping session you’ll never forget!

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