Itsvaping proudly stock FIEND ejuices by Big Boy Cloudz
Fiend is broken into two categories Dessert & Fruit.
All these bad boys have made their way up from the deep underground streets of Adelaide, with nothing but the intention of bringing you hard
hitting flavours! Flavours that you will love and crave for many years
to come!


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FIEND | Kill That Donut
FIEND | Chezzy Strawbs
FIEND | Very Berry Mango
FIEND | Butter Me Up
FIEND | Smack Dat Melon
FIEND | El' Tropicana
FIEND | Blackout
FIEND | Get Outer Here
FIEND | Portu Love
FIEND | Tiger Upper-Cut

Fiend is the delicious new up and coming vape liquid that’s got everyone fangin’ for a puff. With its scrumptious dessert flavours, you can enjoy a sweet and sugary drag anytime of the day. 

Enjoy some of Adelaide’s finest vape flavours anywhere in Australia with Itsvaping. 

We curate a variety of flavours and brands to ensure that every vaper has their choice when it comes to their vape. 

Check out the Fiend collection today to find your favourite flavour!

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Who is Fiend?

Fiend Vape Juice Company is a success story born from friendship and hard work. The company was founded by two friends from Adelaide whose passion for vaping led them to create their brand.

The journey began when Charlie and Jack experimented with different vape flavours and blends. They spent long hours researching ingredients, experimenting with combinations, and testing the results among friends and family.

Their efforts paid off, as the feedback on their experiments was overwhelmingly positive. Encouraged by the reception, they decided to embark on a venture of their own and Fiend Vape Juice Company was born.

They set up their laboratory in Adelaide, where they began crafting their e-liquids, experimenting with different blends, and perfecting their formulas.

It took a little while before their products gained traction in the local market. But word of mouth soon spread, and the demand was too much for the duo to handle on their own. They enlisted additional help, and the business grew beyond their wildest dreams.

The team at Fiend continues to grow, expanding beyond Adelaide and into other cities across Australia. Even as they develop, however, the two friends remain committed to their core values: to provide high-quality, meticulously crafted vape juice blends that are both affordable and accessible.

Today, Fiend Vape Juice Company is a testament to the power of friendship, grit, and hard work. With the support of their loyal customers and a passion for innovation, Fiend has created extraordinary products that will be hard to forget.

What Flavours Does Fiend Have?

In the big Boy Cloudz range, Fiend’s top flavours are: 

Very Berry Mango

This unique blend of mango and berries creates a light, slightly sweet flavour that combines seamlessly.

It produces excellent vapour clouds, perfect for blowing rings indoors or out. In addition, the velvety smooth formula goes down quickly when inhaled, reducing throat irritation. All in all, this tasty vape juice delivers an experience sure to please many vapers looking for something special to add to their routine.

Chezzy Strawbs

The sweet strawberry cheesecake vape liquid has it all for those with a sweet tooth. This premium blend of tastes combines a tart, acidic base of natural strawberries with a creamy cheese flavour to provide an excellent sweet and savoury burst.

Rich and luxurious buttery notes combine with creamy vanilla to make this blend irresistible! Subtle hints of nuttiness add a dimension to the mix that makes it truly unique. Vaping this liquid will bring back childhood memories while satisfying your craving for sugary treats.

Kill That Donut

If you're looking for an indulgent flavour in your vape liquid, try a caramel-glazed donut option. This classic treat offers a complex blend of ingredients that provide a unique sensation. 

With the sweet yet slightly salty ripeness of rich caramel mixed with the soft and tender notes of freshly-baked donuts, it's sure to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. A touch of creaminess adds an extra level of flavour that keeps things interesting and makes this vaping e-liquid truly memorable. 

Whether you're looking for something to get you through these long days or just to tantalise your taste buds, ‘Kill That Donut’ is an ideal choice.

Explore the collection today to find more flavours to tantalise your taste buds!

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