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Itsvaping Ejuice was established in 2013. Locally mixed exotic ejuice flavours.


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Itsvaping | Alcatraz
ItsvapingItsvaping | Alcatraz
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Itsvaping | Arctic Storm
ItsvapingItsvaping | Arctic Storm
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Banana
ItsvapingItsvaping | Banana
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Itsvaping | Banana Custard
Itsvaping | Benson's Hedge
Itsvaping | Black Cherry
ItsvapingItsvaping | Black Cherry
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Black Licorice
Itsvaping | Black Shadow
ItsvapingItsvaping | Black Shadow
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Blueberry
ItsvapingItsvaping | Blueberry
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Blueberry Crumble
Itsvaping | Blueberry Pie
ItsvapingItsvaping | Blueberry Pie
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Bourbon
ItsvapingItsvaping | Bourbon
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Chocolate Cake
Itsvaping | Cigar
ItsvapingItsvaping | Cigar
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Clove Tobacco
ItsvapingItsvaping | Clove Tobacco
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Coconut
ItsvapingItsvaping | Coconut
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Cookies & Cream
Itsvaping | Cotton Candy
ItsvapingItsvaping | Cotton Candy
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Creamy Vanilla
Itsvaping | Crème Brulee
ItsvapingItsvaping | Crème Brulee
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | Dragons Kiss
ItsvapingItsvaping | Dragons Kiss
Sale priceFrom $13.00
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Itsvaping | Dune
ItsvapingItsvaping | Dune
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | French Cloud
ItsvapingItsvaping | French Cloud
Sale priceFrom $13.00
Itsvaping | French Vanilla

Looking for a reliable vape liquid for those daily sessions? Itsvaping produces and curates a wide variety of e-liquids so you can find a flavour that suits you to the tee! 

Our house brand of vape liquid follows the same high standard as our products from other brands - it is carefully crafted to provide exceptional flavour experiences. Whether you're looking for a traditional tobacco flavour or something sweeter like the lemon meringue pie, you can trust our line of vape liquids have you covered. Itsvaping vape liquids are sure to provide lasting satisfaction that keeps you coming back for more!

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Why Try Itsvaping Vape Liquids? 

With our specialised craft processes and experienced mixologists, you can be sure to trust us to find quality flavour combinations. Our range of over 20 different flavours means there's something for everyone to explore! 

We understand that well-being and quality are essential when it comes to vaping products, which is why all ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure your safety and satisfaction. It’s tough to choose from our variety of flavours but easy to make the decision to shop at Itsvaping – check out our menu today!

What Are the Most Popular Vape Flavours From Itsvaping?

At Itsvaping, we not only offer a wide variety of vape flavours and e-liquids but also ensure that the most popular varieties are continuously in stock. 

From fruity powerhouses like banana and mango to dessert-inspired classics such as crème brûlée and witches brew, our collection is sure to provide something for everyone. 

For those looking for something more traditional, we carry several tobaccos and crowd favourites such as kiwi strawberry. Whether you’re seeking a familiar favourite or something totally new, Itsvaping can help you find the perfect option for your taste buds! Here is the list of our most popular flavours:


Alcatraz traditional tobacco-flavoured vape liquid is a great option for those wanting to recreate the classic taste of your favourite toke. This high-quality vape liquid has a complex flavour that matches perfectly with your favourite device, allowing you to enjoy a smooth hit that won’t leave an unpleasant aftertaste. 


Menthol-flavoured vape liquid can make for a refreshing and intriguing experience whether you're just starting out or a vaping veteran. With its unique twist on traditional tobacco flavours, menthol creates a much smoother finish without the strong kick of smokiness, making it ideal for people looking for an alternative.


Strawberry-flavoured vape liquid can be an absolute treat. Our superior fruity blend is well-balanced with the right mix of sweetness and tartness. It will surely tantalise your taste buds and leave you savouring the delightful flavour that so many other vapers have fallen in love with.  

At Itsvaping, we pride ourselves on providing premium quality vape liquids at an affordable price. Our team strives to offer knowledgeable advice and support. Check out our blog for more information, or contact us if you have any queries.

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