Based in Austin, Texas, GRAV Labs have appealed to herb enthusiasts of all walks of life since 2004. Crafted using high-grade borosilicate glass, their elegant pipes & rigs offer long-lasting, reliable performance. 

Ideal for use with a medicinal vape that requires product to be roasted. 
A dry herb vaporizer with a bubbler is designed to pass the vapor through liquid to produce a cooler, moist cloud that feels more soothing to the throat.


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GRAV | Spherical Pocket Bubbler
GRAV | Hourglass Pocket Bubbler
GRAV | Coffee Mug Pocket Bubbler
GRAV | Globe Bubbler
GRAVGRAV | Globe Bubbler
Sale priceFrom $159.95
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GRAV | Medium 7" Upright Bubbler
GRAVGRAV | Medium 7" Upright Bubbler
Sale priceFrom $145.00
GRAV | Clear Beaker Base Water Percolator | Medium
GRAV | Slush Cup Pocket Bubbler
Sold out
GRAV | Wobble Bubbler
GRAVGRAV | Wobble Bubbler
Sale price$149.95
GRAV | Mini Beaker
GRAVGRAV | Mini Beaker
Sale price$135.00
GRAV | Wedge Bubbler
GRAVGRAV | Wedge Bubbler
Sale price$119.95
Sold out
GRAV | Smoke Empress
GRAVGRAV | Smoke Empress
Sale price$369.99
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GRAV | Small Wide Base Water Bubbler | Smoke with Clear Accents
Sold out
GRAV | Small Wide Base Water Bubbler | Smoke with Black Accents
Sold out
GRAV | Upline Upright Bubbler
GRAV | Wave Bubbler
GRAVGRAV | Wave Bubbler
Sale price$165.95
GRAV | Small Upright Bubbler
GRAV | Rain Bubbler
GRAVGRAV | Rain Bubbler
Sale price$129.95
GRAV | Clear Beaker Base Water Percolator | Small
GRAV | Helix Clear Beaker Base Water Pipe
GRAV | Helix Straight Base Water Pipe
GRAV | Coffee Mug Bubbler
GRAV | Orbis Lume Water Pipe
GRAV | Orbis Borocca Water Pipe
GRAV | Mini Round Base Water Pipe

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