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Been vaping for a while? Lucky for you, we stock an assortment of vape coils for all different types of e-cigarette devices. 

Are you a novice on the hunt for your first vape coil? Don’t despair. Keep reading, and we’ll walk you through the baby steps of choosing and buying a vape coil.

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What is a Vape Coil?

The function of a vape coil is to heat up and turn your Ejuice into a liquid that can be vaporised. Each vape coil is unique in its level of resistance. Higher resistance vape coils generate cooler vape with less prominent smoke clouds, while lower resistance coils apply a higher heat level to the Ejuice and create larger, more visible clouds. We recommend that you pick the resistance of your vape coil based on the type of Ejuice you’re using and your own personal preferences.

Now that we’ve educated you about the basic use of a vape coil, it's time to move on to learning about the different materials vape coils are made from and how they affect your vaping experience. This way you can make an informed purchase decision about which of our coils is best for you.

The Ceramic Vape Coil

The ceramic vape coil permits vapour to pass particularly smooth and easy through its porous form and does an excellent job of preserving juice flavours in their full deliciousness. In short, the ceramic vape coil is an excellent choice for first-timers and those of you who love to get the full yummy experience from your Ejuice flavours.

The Stainless Steel Vape Coil

The stainless steel vape coil lasts you a long, long time and is super versatile if you like to heat up your Ejuice to the max and produce thick, foggy smoke clouds. If you’re a thrifty customer on the prowl for a coil that will last a while, look no further than Aspire U-Tech’s stainless steel vape coils.

The Nichrome Vape Coil

The nichrome vape coil heats up your Ejuice fast without altering its taste. The nichrome construction also prevents the liquid from oxidising and changing colour during the heating process. 

The Kanthal Vape Coil

One of the most commonly used wires for building vape coils, kanthal is a popular choice because it's cheap and excellent quality for the bargain price tag. A kanthal vape coil holds its shape easily, doesn't taint the taste of your Ejuice, and offers excellent durability. If you’re new to the art of vaping, Freemax’s mesh vape coils fit multiple brilliant benefits into one easily affordable price tag.  

The Titanium Vape Coil

The titanium vape coil is easily manipulated in the hands of a novice vaper to create shapes and heats up your Ejuice at a speedy pace. This durable vape coil will last you a long time and won’t get affected by rust or corrosion in the long run.

The Nickel Vape Coil

The nickel vape coil is a high performing Ejuice heater that can withstand high temperatures without melting and seeping into the flavour of your vape. A highly durable alternative to  stainless steel, your nickel vape coil will produce thick, foggy smoke clouds.

Itching to put all this knowledge to good use? Start browsing through our generous collection of vape coils. We stock SMOCK, Uwell, Innokin, Vaporesso, Geekvape, and all the brands you need to get started.

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