XMAX engineers consistantly work on new versions of their devices to optimize the user experience and create superior, beautiful, and technologically-advanced products that push the boundaries of Dry-Herb vaporization.


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XMAX | V3 PRO Dry Herb Vaporizer
XMAX | Starry 4.0 Vaporizer
XMAX | Ace
Sale price$145.95
XMAX | OONT Dry Herb Vaporizer
XMAX | V3 NANO Dry Herb Vaporizer
XMAX | Starry 4 Filter
XMAX | Riggo Concentrate Vaporizer
XMAX | Starry 4.0 Wax Cup
XMAX | Riggo Heating Coils
XMAXXMAX | Riggo Heating Coils
Sale priceFrom $9.95
XMAX | Riggo Glass Adapter
XMAX | Riggo Glass Cap
XMAX | Riggo Glass Mouthpiece
XMAX | Riggo Silicone Pipe Case