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5 Fantastic Flavours from Prestige Worldwide! Butterscotch Custard - Grape Bubblegum - Mango - Pineapple Lime Slushie - Spearmint Milkshake


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For a menu of funky flavours, we highly recommend trying out Prestige Worldwide. Named after the iconic ‘Step Brothers’ company pitch, this vape brand is more than just a company dedicated to throwing the Catalina Wine Mixer!

Prestige Worldwide specialises in creating deliciously tart and fruity vape e-liquids. At Itsvaping, we stock a variety of brands so that you can try all the different flavours for your vaping device with our massive collection.  

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What Is Prestige Worldwide? 

Prestige Worldwide is a vape brand created in homage to the iconic ‘Step Brothers’ company by the same name. In the movie, the brand is dedicated to being a global entertainment conglomerate. In real life, the brand is dedicated to bringing you delicious vape liquids. 

What Are Prestige Worldwide’s Most Popular Flavours?

Prestige Worldwide has become an increasingly popular e-juice brand, providing customers with unique and delectable flavours that are sure to delight any vape enthusiast. Their experienced team creates the highest quality products from start to finish, offering top-notch flavour. 

We understand that taste is what drives many people to choose Prestige Worldwide e-juices over others, given the pride they take in curating the perfect blend of flavours with every bottle. The array of options at Itsvaping makes it easy to find the right choice for you or a friend while you're getting the best vaping experience. Enjoy perfection every time with Prestige Worldwide’s flavours. 

Butterscotch Custard

The name says it all for this one! Fill your vape with this liquid for a rich custard flavour. Enjoy the creaminess of the butterscotch on the inhale paired with the subtle taste of the vanilla custard on the exhale, making it an excellent dessert choice for your vape.  

Pineapple Lime Slushie 

Try the tangy pineapple and lime combination for a nice citric burst. It’s probably a fan favourite because of its delicious fizzy and fruity flavour that tickles your taste buds.  

Spearmint Milkshake

A hidden gem for those who love a blast of minty freshness with their milky flavours. This spearmint milkshake vape liquid from the ‘This House Is A Prison’ collection lets the user enjoy a crisp minty flavour in a dose of vanilla creaminess. Definitely makes for an interesting treat!  


Basic but glorious - this mango flavour lets you vape juicy clouds with that delicious sweet flavour! If you’re looking for a taste of something fruity with a burst of sugary goodness, we recommend trying this flavour. 

Grape Bubblegum  

Chock full of grapey goodness, this bubblegum flavour can give you a refreshed taste in your mouth with every drag. If you’re looking for something to fill your everyday vape with, this easy vape e-liquid will be a winner! 

There’s something for everyone with Prestige Worldwide. Try a couple of the flavours today to find your favourite e-liquid at Itsvaping. Itsvaping specialises in supplying your favourite vape devices, accessories and e-liquids in Australia. Explore our site to indulge in your favourite vape flavors today!