Frank & Atticus

Frank & Atticus is a small batch e-liquid line founded in Sydney, Australia in early 2018.​ Sophisticated flavour pairings and unique flavour profiles meld together to create this palatable line of premium e-liquids. 

Born from a mutual love and respect for the vaping industry and professional culinary backgrounds; two friends were inspired and have united with the common goal of producing quality crafted e-liquids that place a modern twist on old favorites and bring new, surprising and distinct
flavour profiles to the vaping community.


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Frank & Atticus 2 | Grape & Kiwi
Frank & Atticus 2 | Lychee & Watermelon
Frank & Atticus 2 | Mandarin & Lime
Frank & Atticus 2 | Passion Fruit & Pineapple
Frank & Atticus 2 | Pear & Peach
Frank & Atticus 2 | Strawberry & Blackberry
Frank & Atticus | Apple & Rhubarb Macaron
Frank & Atticus | Baked Apple Custard
Frank & Atticus | Berry Jam Danish
Frank & Atticus | Boysenberry Swirl
Frank & Atticus | Caramel Glazed Donut
Frank & Atticus | Caramel Popcorn Cheesecake
Frank & Atticus | Fuji Series | Apple Banana
Frank & Atticus | Fuji Series | Apple Cherry
Frank & Atticus | Fuji Series | Apple Grape
Frank & Atticus | Fuji Series | Apple Lime
Frank & Atticus | Fuji Series | Apple Nectarine
Frank & Atticus | Fuji Series | Apple Strawberry
Frank & Atticus | Nut Brittle RY4
Frank & Atticus | Peppermint & White Choc Cookie
Frank & Atticus | Pistachio Vanilla Latte
Frank & Atticus | Sound | Grape ICE
Frank & Atticus | Sound | Mango ICE
Frank & Atticus | Sound | Mixed Berry ICE

Founded in Sydney in 2018, Frank and Atticus produce small-batch e-liquid with unique and sophisticated flavour pairings. These premium vape juices were born out of mutual love and respect for the vaping industry and are a favourite among amateurs and connoisseurs alike. 

Itsvaping always enjoys bringing you quality crafted e-liquids, and Frank and Atticus are right up there with our favourites. 

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Is Frank and Atticus A Good Brand?

By using quality products, Frank and Atticus manage to set themselves a class apart with their premium, smooth flavours. The creators of the brand, Darren and Blake, aim to bring vapers a taste that is dynamic and offers a pleasurable experience on the inhale and exhale.  

What Flavours Do Frank and Atticus Have?

If you love indulging your sweet tooth, you will love Frank and Atticus. The brand specialises in creating delicious dessert-flavoured e-juices, and they are all worth a try! Whether you want something rich and smooth like the caramel popcorn cheesecake flavour or something light and fruity like the pear and peach, there’s something for everyone in the range. 

The Frank and Atticus 2 range is particularly popular thanks to their sweet, juicy clouds. We highly recommend trying the lychee & watermelon or the strawberry and blackberry if you’re looking for a vape liquid that packs a punch but isn’t too sickly sweet.  

If you’re looking for a flavour that will wake you up during the day, you can’t go wrong with the pistachio vanilla latte. With a nice creamy, nutty flavour and coffee undertones, we’re sure you’ll feel refreshed after this delicious Frank and Atticus e-juice! 

Frank and Atticus Fuji Series 

In an ode to the crisp and fresh fuji apple, Frank and Atticus have come up with a juicy line of e-liquids that pair other fruity flavours with this year-round fruit. The flavours available are: 

How Long Does Frank and Atticus E-juice Last?

Using a refillable vape is a good way to keep track of how much you are vaping throughout the day. While how much you use does depend on the wattage and all the other modifications of the vape, the act of refilling your mod becomes part of a sacred ritual!

The e-juices last, depending on your usage. Try out a bottle and see how long it lasts based on your vaping requirements. 

If you’re interested in trying one of Frank and Atticus’s delicious vape juices, check out the Itsvaping website for the full catalogue of sweet and rich flavours. For more helpful vape information, check out our blog page today!

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