Vaping is now recognized as a legitimate quitting aid by Australia’s peak GP organization. Vaping is also approved by Australian medical specialists and psychiatrists.

As vaping laws in Australia changed on 1 October 2021, if you live in Australia and want to purchase nicotine vaping products you now need to fill a script issued by a doctor who is a TGA Authorized Nicotine Prescriber.

If your doctor is not able to help with providing you with a prescription, we suggest applying online with one of the following Nicotine E-Script Suppliers, so they can provide a prescription if it is appropriate for you.

Most of these suppliers can help by integrating both your medical consultation and prescription pharmacy services for safe prescription and dispensing of vaping nicotine. 

Quit Hero

Begin Your Quit Hero Journey Today. Complete the online medical assessment today to get started with the quitting method that works best for you.

Wellbeing Medical Centre Australasia

We are with you every step of the way towards a better you. We have teamed up with a range of medical professionals so you can get the right product for your needs. 

Quit Clinics

Speak to our doctors about your quit-smoking goals and receive expert advice tailored to your needs.