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Mig Vapor is located in FL Florida, United States. Their range of dry herb vapes are tried & proven.


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MIG Vapor | Sub 40 Mod
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MIG Vapor | Sub Herb Tank
MIG Vapor | Sub-Herb Tank Replacement Ceramic Coil
MIG Vapor | Sub-Herb Tank Replacement Glass
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MIG Vapor | We Jar Vacuum Container

For our herb vape enthusiasts, the Mig Vapor is an absolute must-have. Featuring a high-output variable wattage battery and adjustable heat settings, this device offers vapers a great deal of control over their experience while maintaining efficiency and discrete convenience.

The temperature can be adjusted to suit the consistency of whatever herb you're vaping, and its 3200mAh battery supports up to 40 watts of power. 

Operating on both coils or wicks, it is designed to provide users with huge clouds full of flavour and dense rips. Those looking for an efficient, robust and flavorful experience will be thoroughly satisfied with Mig Vapor.

Itsvaping is the number one source for all your vaping needs. We carry an extensive range of high-quality, brand-name products like Mig Vapor, and they all come at unbeatable prices.

Read on to learn more about Mig Vapor and their accessories. 

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What Is Mig Vapor?

Mig Vapor is a leading manufacturer of innovative and top-quality vaping products. They have a comprehensive range of vape mods, tanks, premium USA-made e-liquids, and more. 

Their device lineup caters to users of all levels, from entry-level devices designed for novices to high-power sub-ohm options for advanced vapers. In addition, all their products are quality tested to ensure maximum performance and continued customer satisfaction. 

Mig Vapor is focused on providing unparalleled customer service with superior knowledge about its products and industry trends. Customers can count on Mig Vapor for support throughout the life of their product.

What Products Does Mig Vapor Offer?

Itsvaping stocks a variety of products that cater to your vaping needs. Some of our favourites in the Mig Vapor collection include: 

Sub 40 Mod

When looking for a reliable, advanced, and powerful vaping device, the Mig Vapor Sub 40 Vape Mod is an excellent choice. This mod boasts various features, including variable wattage of up to 40 watts, a gold-plated 510 connector for superior conductivity, and an extended battery life of 1500mAh. 

It offers simple operation with its one-button design, allowing users to access their vaping preferences without hassle quickly. Additionally, this sophisticated model is designed from high-grade nylon fibre for enhanced durability and aesthetics. 

If you're searching for a convenient and reliable device for your vaping needs, the Mig Vapor Sub 40 Vape Mod is worth considering.

Rolling Tray 

Crush your delectable goodies on the classically designed Mig Vapor tray. Perfect for a table or knee setup and smooth enough to clean easily. It has a medical-grade coating to keep your surface intact when rolling and putting metal crushers against it. 

The design is a vibrant flower-draped skull with large feathers, keeping with the strong look of all their products. 

We Jar Vacuum Container 

This cutting-edge container is designed to keep your herbs or other substances fresher for longer by creating a robust vacuum seal that keeps air and moisture out. The impact-resistant design ensures durability and longevity, while the generous storage capacity of the container allows you to store plenty of products.

One of the key advantages of the Mig Vapor Vacuum Sealed Container is its ability to keep the smell of your product in, preventing any unwanted odours from spreading. Keeping the scents at bay is particularly important if you value your privacy or live in a shared space where discretion is crucial. Whether you're storing it in your closet, car, or bag, the Mig Vapor Vacuum Sealed Container ensures you won't have to worry about any tell-tale smells.

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