KangerTech is one of the most renowned E-Cigarette brands based in China having been around since 2007. Itsvaping stock a range of KangerTech products.


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KangerTech | EVOD Battery
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KangerTech | EVOD Clearomizer Tank
KangerTech | EVOD 1000mAh manual Passthrough
KangerTech | T3S Clearomizer
KangerTech | T3S/MT3S Replacement Coils
KangerTech | Protank and EVOD Replacement Coils
KangerTech | MT32 Replacement Coil
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KangerTech |  Dual Replacement Coil V2
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KangerTech | Genitank Mini
KangerTech | CE4 Clearomizer
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KangerTech | Subtank OCC Replacement Coils
KangerTech | CLOCC Replacement Coils
KangerTech | SSOCC Replacement coils

KangerTech is a Chinese-based vape hardware specialist that creates top-of-the-line vaping technology. With its numerous patents, including the classic Clearomizer pod, the brand has soared high since its first few drops.  

At Itsvaping, we like to curate the best hardware and accessories for vapers across Australia. We search high and low for the most unique mods and stock them for your vaping pleasure! Read on to learn more about KangerTech Australia and its revolutionary mods. 

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What is KangerTech? 

Assembled with the highest quality components, KangerTech vapes provide users with a smooth, satisfying experience while offering a wide variety of flavour choices. The technology behind these vapes relies on controlled and efficient heating of liquid cartridges to create an inhalable vapour that is safe and free from harmful toxins found in traditional smoke.

Additionally, KangerTech vapes have adjustable power levels and temperature control settings. This means users can easily choose the optimal vaping experience in almost any environment. With KangerTech devices, anyone who wants a safe and satisfying vape can enjoy it without any previous vaping experience.

What is A Clearomizer Tank?

A clearomizer tank is an essential part of a vaping device that is used to hold vape juice and transform it into vapour. It is made of a plastic or glass chamber that is connected to the battery via a heating coil. When heated, the liquid inside the chamber turns into vapour, which can then be inhaled by the user. 

Clearomizers are popular for their convenience and simple replaceable parts, making them ideal for casual vaping as well as consistent use. Depending on their size and material, clearomizer tanks come in various shapes and sizes with different wattage levels, so you will always find one that fits your particular needs.

What KangerTech Mod Should I Get?

A classic addition to your collection should be the KangerTech Evod. It is a pen style rechargeable mod that can be easily re-filed and used with any ego style tank. 

Is KangerTech A Good Brand?

KangerTech has established itself as a reliable, cost-effective leader in innovative, top-quality vaping products. Their wide range of offerings covers everything from starter kits to accessories, such as the KangerTech coils to fit all sorts of vapers’ needs. 

Every item is made with quality materials that provide safety, dependability and a stylish design. All products are backed by the best customer service and warranties to give you the utmost confidence in your purchase. So, if you're looking for affordability and reliability without sacrificing aesthetic appeal or technical superiority, why not try KangerTech?

For more incredible mods and e-liquids, check out the Itsvaping website and find yourself a new vaping upgrade today! If you have any queries regarding our products, feel free to contact us via our website. 

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