Itsvaping stock replacement Pods to suit every Pod Kit/Device that we stock, along with many other manufactures brands so you can maintain the e-cigarette you purchased from us.


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Aspire | AVP-Cube Replacement Pod
Dovpo | Limpid/Venus Nano Pod Replacement Cartridge
FreeMax | Marvos Replacement Pods
FreeMax | Maxus DTL Replacement Pods
FreeMax | Onnix 2 Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Aegis Eteno E100 Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Aegis Hero 2 H45 Replacement Pod
Geekvape | Aegis Hero 2 H45 Replacement Pods | Crystal Edition
Geekvape | Aegis Hero Replacement Pod
Geekvape | Aegis Nano Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Boost Plus Replacement Pod
Geekvape | Boost Pro 2 B100 Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Boost Pro Replacement Pod
Geekvape | Boost Replacement Pod
Geekvape | Mero Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Obelisk 60 Replacement Pod
Geekvape | Obelisk 65 Replacement Pod
Geekvape | ONE Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Q Series Replacement Pods
Geekvape | U Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Wenax C1 Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Wenax H1 Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Wenax K1 Replacement Pods
Geekvape | Wenax Stylus Replacement Pod
Geekvape | Z100C Replacement Pods
Innokin | Kroma-Z Replacement Pod
Innokin | Sceptre Replacement Pod
Lost Vape | Thelema Replacement Pod
Lost Vape | Ursa Mini Replacement Pod
Lost Vape | Ursa Nano Replacement Pods

On the hunt for a new vape pod? Whether you’re sick of using vape tanks or whether you’re simply a vaping newbie looking to explore your options, we stock the perfect pod for you. From SMOCK to Geekvape, we supply a range of vape pods from a range of different e-cigarette brands. 

What is a Vape Pod?

In short, a pod vape is a container for Ejuice before it is effectively vapourised so that you can comfortably inhale the vapour through the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette device. Pod vapes are a compact and easily affordable alternative to vape mods.

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How to Recharge a Pod Vape

A pod vape normally comes with a charging cable. All you need to do is connect the cable to the device and plug it into any electrical outlet until the vape pod is fully charged. 

How Long Does a Vape Pod Last?

The lifespan of your pod vape depends on three factors: how often you like to vape, how regularly you clean your device, and what type of Ejuices you use. You can extend your pod vape's lifespan by regularly disassembling your device at least once a month to clean it with vinegar or baking soda and warm water. You can also increase your pod vape's longevity by choosing less sweet and colourful e-liquids to avoid residue from building up on the inside of your device.

How Much Nicotine is in a Pod Vape?

The level of nicotine you decide to include in your vape pod is completely up to you. A vape pod simply acts as a container for whichever Ejuice you decide to pour inside. 

Why is My Vape Pod Leaking?

There are various reasons why your vape pod may be leaking. If your device is low on battery power, the coil may not vapourise the liquid properly. It's also possible that you’re drawing too hard on the mouthpiece. This action leads to excessive liquid passing through the coil. Again, as a result, the liquid isn't properly vapourised. It’s also important to ensure that the pod has been correctly inserted into the device without any blockages in the central pipe.

How to Empty a Vape Pod

To empty your pod vape, detach the pod from the cap and tilt it about ninety degrees so the ventilation holes are vertical and the juice starts pouring free. Similar to when filling the pod, it’s important to ensure that there is a way for air to escape while draining the liquid.

How to Fill a Vape Pod

Remove your pod vape from the device and unplug the rubber bung that covers the filling hole. After you’ve done that, pour in your favourite choice of Ejuice until the pod vape is almost completely full. Finish by re-inserting the rubber bung into the filling hole and plugging the pod back into the device.

Ready to vape up a storm? Browse through our generous collection of pod vapes to amp you up for a vaping session you’ll never forget.


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