DotMod | DotMech24 | Petri Lite (24mm)
DotMod | DotMech24 | Petri Lite (24mm)
DotMod | DotMech24 | Petri Lite (24mm)
DotMod | DotMech24 | Petri Lite (24mm)
DotMod | DotMech24 | Petri Lite (24mm)

DotMod | DotMech24 | Petri Lite (24mm)

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DotMod | DotMech24 | Petri Lite (24mm)


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Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

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*Must be familiar with Ohms Law and principles of Mechanical mods. Very dangerous to operate without appreciating limits of coils and batteries used.

Petri Lite 24mm is the next evolution beyond Dotmod’s 22mm. An increased diameter reduces heat and increases insulation. Making your vape that much nicer in hand.

Gold Plating everywhere that counts; on the contacts, threads, and the Dotmod stamped serial ring around the bottom. Brass and aluminum composite button with two springs to choose from, light throw and hard throw, to dial in how you like to vape. 

    Please note:


    • Hard-hitting, innovative naval brass
    • Anodized aluminum composite button design
    • Precision anodized 24mm aluminum tube and body
    • 24K gold-plated threading and accents
    • 24K gold-plated copper contacts
    • Hybrid connection
    • Fully masked internals 
    • Precision micro-engravings
    • Beautiful color finishes
    • Authentic & serialized

    Package Includes:

    1 x DotMech24
    1 x Anodized aluminum button (w/ soft throw spring)
    1 x Hybrid top hat
    1 x 1.3 mm hex key
    1 x Upgraded contact pin
    1 x Limited-edition 24K gold-plated brass drip tip
    1 x Original petri spring (light throw)
    1 x Super heavy silver-plated beryllium copper spring
    Certificate of authenticity

    You must read, understand, and agree to the following before purchasing:  

    • Mechanical mods are an advanced piece of hardware not at all suitable for beginners.
    • Mechanical mods are not regulated, and therefore include no short circuit protection or other protections found in regulated devices for the battery.
    • When using mechanical mods, please be sure that you know the dangers of not having circuit protection. 
    • Lithium batteries can be volatile and vent or explode, causing injury and damage to property. This can happen if the batteries are not handled properly, cared for correctly, the resistance level of your coils is too low, or in the event of a short circuit. We recommend using an Ohm reader to check your coils before you start vaping with a mechanical mod to ensure that you are vaping at a safe resistance level.
    • By purchasing and using any mechanical device or lithium battery from our store, you agree to take full liability and responsibility for its use. In no way will Itsvaping or its operators be held liable for any misfortune or harm caused by the use or misuse of this device. 

    In purchasing this device, you acknowledge that:

    • Mech mods are dangerous due to their lack of protections.
    • You understand the importance of unregulated mod safety
    • You understand how to apply unregulated mod safety to yourself and the device.
    • You understand how to care for your mechanical mod.
    • You understand how to care for your batteries.
    • You understand the importance of ohms law.
    • You understand, and are confident in how to use ohms law.
    • You understand the importance of battery safety.
    • You understand, and are confident in how to apply battery safety. 

    You understand that Itsvaping and its Staff will not be held responsible for any injuries or loss that may occur through use or misuse of a mechanical (unregulated) mod.