Old Head TC | Terp Hammer ( Dab-Ready Accessory)

Old Head TC | Terp Hammer ( Dab-Ready Accessory)

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The Terp Hammer is a dry herb/flower thermal extraction accessory for the Dab-Ready! It is found in the Terp-Ready Kit. Adding a Terp Hammer to your Dab-Ready will give you the ability to consume dried herb - all without torching, butane, or cords tethering your glass rig to a heater or controller.

Just keep in mind if adding a Terp Hammer to your Dab-Ready, you will also need an extraction chamber to complete the setup.

Please Note:

  • Again, this is an accessory for the Dab-Ready! It's just an awesome paperweight unless you have a Dab-Ready to heat this, and an extraction chamber to use it on...
  • Find the Dab-Ready System Here:
  • We do not recommend this device for beginner vapers or anyone not familiar with dry herb or concentrate vaping.
  • No CBD, herbal concentrates or Dry Herb products are included with this item.

Package Includes:

1 x Terp Hammer