Old Head TC | Old Head Measuring Spoon
Old Head TC | Old Head Measuring Spoon

Old Head TC | Old Head Measuring Spoon

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The Old Head Measuring Spoon is a hefty stainless steel tool with a tamp on one end and a handy little scoop on the other.

With the scoop you'll find that you're able to quickly and reliably measure out your preferred amount of material. The shape of the scoop head is designed to accommodate the shape of Brilliant Cut Grinders in particular, and if you happen to own one, you'll also appreciate that because these are non-magnetic they won't be pulled toward the grinder's magnets.

The tamping end is designed to perfectly fit the extraction chamber of the Hot Rod, as well as any Sticky Brick device. It's also suitable to use on any chamber that is larger than 14mm diameter. You'll find the hefty weight of the tool allows it to perfectly tamp your extraction chamber under its own weight, taking the guesswork out of determining how tightly to tamp the chamber.

Important product note: Old Head measuring Spoon now has a different finish on the flat surfaces. It now has a more brushed metal Finish. 

Package Includes:

1 x Old Head Measuring Spoon