Coil - Kanger T3s/MT3s BDC


Coil - Kanger T3s/MT3s BDC
5 pack of Kanger T3S/MT3S Bottom coils. 2.5oHms  

Replace your bottom coil head with this item, make the T3s or MT3s new again.

Please note, the T3S and MT3S is changed by removing the base and removing the coil head itself by unscrewing it.  Replacing it with this coil unit and screw it back on

This item is only meant for the T3S and MT3S bases, we do not warranty usage on any other device. They fit and report to work on both the Evod and the Protanks (I & II) but it is not a guarantee.
This will also work with the original style MT3 and T3 provided you also have a new MT3s/T3s base.

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