Aspire BDC Mini Vivi Nova-S Glass


Aspire BDC Mini Vivi Nova-S Glass
  • Aspire BDC Mini Vivi Nova-S Glass
  • Aspire BDC Mini Vivi Nova-S Glass
  • Aspire BDC Mini Vivi Nova-S Glass
  • Aspire BDC Mini Vivi Nova-S Glass

Aspire BDC Mini Vivi Nova-S Glass Clearomizer

If you want to blow some massive clouds then you cannot pass up on this revolutionary new BDC clearomizer.

The Aspire Mini Vivi Nova-S Glass BDC clearomizer is a new style of bottom coil clearomizer featuring dual heating elements to provide twice the vapor. It is constructed entirely of metal and pyrex glass. The outer metal casing protects the glass, but includes a window so that you can see your e-liquid level at all times. It comes pre-loaded with a 1.8ohm dual coil head.

The tank has a capacity to hold approximately 2ml of e-liquid and it comes with a pre-installed 1.8ohm dual coil head.

Compare this tank with a standard Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC) and you will be astonished by the difference in taste and performance. The Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) design is a major upgrade when compared to similar single coil tanks not only because of the dual coils, but also because of the uniquely designed replaceable coil and airflow system. It was designed differently to eliminate common issues such as an airy draw, gurgling, and leaking that users often experience with other BCC tanks. It also works to eliminate outside influences on flavor to provide a true and pure taste experience.

How to Use your Aspire BDC:

  • To fill, turn the tank upside down and remove the threaded end cap. Fill the outer portion of the tank (avoid getting e-liquid into the centre airflow tube) and then screw the end cap back onto the tank tightly. You can now turn it the right way up and check for leaks before using.
  • Gurgling or Leaking can occur if liquid gets into the centre airflow tube. To clear this liquid and improve performance remove the tank from the battery and blow through the mouthpiece into a paper towel. The excess liquid will come out of the threaded end of the device. If this happens often you may need to check that all connections are screwed down tightly or replace the head and wick assembly with a new one.
  • The head and wick assembly will sometimes loosen itself when the threaded end cap is unscrewed. Always check that it is pushed into the bottom cap tightly before screwing the cap back on. Not doing so could result in a leaking or non-working device.
  • You should never run the tank completely dry. Doing so could result in a burnt or damaged wick and can cause leaking. Refill the tank when the liquid level reaches approximately 1/3 full
  • The lifespan of replacement heads can vary quite a bit, but following the above instructions will maximize the lifespan of the coil


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