Dotmod have nailed it again with their Dotleaf dry herb vapouriser. If you are familiar with the Dotmod brand you'll know they have a reputation for high quality, well designed e-cigarette vapes. Dotmod have re-worked their popular DotAIO to bring you the stunning Dotleaf.

The Dotleaf has a unique chip-set to the DotAIO, the Dotchip 2.0, to optimise it's dry herb performance. Due to this the Dotleaf chamber is not compatible with the DotAIO kit, however the replaceable doors will fit, allowing you to customise your Dotleaf!

The Dotleaf has 4 temperature settings ranging from 180°C to 230°C, a handy Deep Sleep Mode to save battery, and the incredibly useful Boost Mode which increases the preset mode by 15°C when the fire button is held down. The Dotleaf is powered by an 18650 battery (not included).

The chamber features a ceramic inner surrounded by the efficient heat dissipating Ultem material, the chamber is easy to remove allowing for quick fills and easy cleaning.

The other cool thing about the Dotleaf is the exchangeable mouthpieces, with both 14mm and 18mm attachments allowing you to use this in conjunction with a waterpipe.



  • We do not recommend using the built-in USB charging feature on mods that use replaceable lithium-ion cells.
  • Lithium-ion batteries must be balance charged using a proper external charger to avoid damaging the cells and to reduce the risk of venting.
  • Micro and mini-USB ports are notoriously fragile, and as such, we do not offer a warranty or repair service on any USB charging ports if you choose to ignore this warning.

DotMod DotLeaf