Q: Where do you ship to in Australia?
A: We ship Australia wide. All orders placed before 10am will be Shipped same day and in most cases next day delivery.

Q: Do you sell Nicotine?
A: NO. Please do not ask me to sell you any Nicotine.

Q: Why Do you not sell Nicotine?
A: It is illegal to sell Nicotine to anybody in Australia, it's Australian Law.

Q: Where can I buy Nicotine?
A: I am happy to recommend a reliable & trustworthy supplier to you, just ask.

Q: How much Nicotine can I buy?
A: According to Australian Law you are able to purchase a reasonable amount for personal use only.

Q: How much is a reasonable amount for personal use?
A: An amount for a approx 3 (three) month’s supply for yourself, husband, wife, brother, sister etc is considered a reasonable amount.

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