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BLVK was created with flavors in mind catered to the Adult Smoker looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Our branding embraces a community of former smokers seeking that same journey to find the right formula that made them switch.


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BLVK Unicorn | Caramel Tobacco
BLVK UnicornBLVK Unicorn | Caramel Tobacco
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BLVK Unicorn | Cuban Cigar
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BLVK Unicorn | Pistachio Mint
BLVK UnicornBLVK Unicorn | Pistachio Mint
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BLVK is a premium e-liquid brand that specialises in unique and tasty ejuice flavours. BLVK is an award-winning company based in L.A., California, with products that have worldwide recognition. 

The BLVK Unicorn ejuice’s boast a variety of flavours and combinations that aims to cater to any vaper looking for an alternative to traditional tobacco. Their smoky flavours are blended with just the right amount of heaviness and mouthfeel without being too overpowering. 

Itsvaping has a range of flavours from the BLVK Unicorn range for Australian vapers to enjoy! Take a look at our range of flavours or if you’re unsure of what to start off with, try their classic Caramel Tobacco flavour. With a silky caramel blend, this tobacco flavoured BLVK ejuice will knock your tastebuds right out of the park! 

What Does BLVK Stand for?

BLVK stands for Be Loyal, Valued and Kind. By making customer happiness a priority, the brand has to cement their place as a trusted provider of vaping liquids. BLVK Unicorn strives to sell ejuice’s that are delicious and complex and have managed to set themselves apart by creating ejuice’s that are just that! For those still craving that bold heavy tobacco taste, we recommend the BLVK Unicorn Cuban Cigar flavour. With a hint of vanilla, you’re sure to love this aromatic eliquid.  

Is BLVK a Good Brand?

BLVK is a popular brand that has been satisfying the needs of its customers since 2016. Thanks to their founders Ray, Kidd and Wilson, the brand delivers end-users a product that is irresistible and delicious. Take, for example, their Pistachio Mint flavour. It offers earthy and creamy notes of the pistachio nut with a slight menthol hit. Perfect for any time of the year! 

Where Can I Purchase BLVK Eliquid?

If you are looking to purchase products from the BLVKs catalogue, we offer a variety of flavours in our ejuice collection. Take a look at our range and explore the different flavours available. 

Itsvaping also carries a range of vape hardware and accessories, so check out our website today to find your dream setup. For more information on our products, you can reach out to one of our friendly staff members with your questions.  

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